In order to meet market demand for compact, easy to install and economical solution, SECESPOL engineers created HAD heat exchanger. Unique construction of connections lower pressure loss at high flow velocity. It also reduces fouling and makes the exchanger more resistant to differences in media parameters. Corrugated tubes promote turbulent flow which further intensifies heat exchange and helps the reduction of deposits. It is fully equipped ready-to-install set consisting of a shell & coil heat exchanger, a mount and an insulation. Compactness, high efficiency with low pressure drop and outstanding reliability are the core advantages of HAD. It is manufactured using highest quality stainless steel and comes in numerous size versions.


  • high efficiency – unique design promotes greater turbulence and self-cleaning
  • compact size with large heat exchange area
  • vertical installation reduces space requirements
  • able to handle high temperatures, pressures, flows and wide range of media
  • factory installed insulation and mount



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  • HVAC
  • Swimming pools
  • Mining
  • Food processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Power industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Machine industry
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  • heating and cooling fluids in crude oil processing
  • ventilation systems
  • heating systems
  • tap water heating
  • solar systems
  • fireplace systems
  • steam heating systems
  • heat pumps
  • heat pumps
  • interstage coolers
  • regenerative heaters
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  • thermal oil heating systems
  • mineral slurries heating
  • air-conditioning
  • pasteurization processes
  • heating & cooling of liquid food products
  • evaporators & condensers
  • chemical processes
  • textile factory
  • cellulose factory
  • pure water heating & cooling
  • pneumatic oil condensers
  • parking and driveways defrosting
  • swimming pools