Plate & Shell JAG Shield

 From the passion for innovation a new solution has been born – JAG Shield Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger with inventive jagged pattern of heating plates.


Breaking new ground patented solution brings not only enhanced flow turbulence but also increased heat exchange area. Together it gives more compact, lighter but most of all more efficient device which can be customized to your individual requirements.






Highly efficient JAG Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers constitute a life-long dependable solution for high pressure and high temperature applications. They work as evaporators or condensers in refrigeration industry, oil or gas coolers or heaters, CIP systems. Built of stainless steel, Hastelloy or Incolloy they are suitable for chemical processes and can work with aggressive media.



Vacuum brazing used to join plates in pairs, unlike more popular circumferential soldering, allows to obtain a much larger joint surface. A pair of plates is connected on the entire outer circuit and additionally at many optimally selected points of the  heat exchange area. It results in an extremely durable structure with remarkable resistance to variable loads and thermal stresses.This makes the exchanger incredibly dependable and leak proof.

The unique shape of the JAG SHIELDplate provides exceptional thermal efficiency while maintaining low flow resistance.Thanks to the special plate shape the flow directors are not needed as the side cuts give enough space for the shell medium entering the exchanger to properly fill the whole internal space.


The innovative JAG design is the result of over six years of research and development.

In search of optimal strength and thermal characteristics of the JAG geometry, a series of computational fluid dynamic analysis were performed. Together with other calculations and tests of prototypes they allowed to determine the precise channel performance in a plate heat exchanger.

Final tests confirmed that designed by SECESPOL innovative corrugation JAG pattern combined with specially modelled plate geometry delivers up to 10% higher efficiency than the standard one. It is designed to substantially increase heat exchange as the “jagged” channels boost flow turbulence which enhance heat transfer and reduce fouling. Furthermore, the design brings bigger exchange area and general pressure drop levels are reduced.

Ingenious JAG technology brings you cutting-edge solutions within one plate.