Technical questions

Which heat exchanger is suited to a given power?

Type and size of the exchanger depends on nominal work parameters of given application, i.e., required temperature difference, type of media and other requirements like max. allowable pressure drops, size of the exchanger, type of connections. The examples of the most common work parameters and heat exchangers selected for them can be found in our brochures.

How to calculate pressure drops on heat exchanger when flow is given?

To calculate pressure drops in heat exchanger you need to know work parameters, like temperature difference and flow on primary and secondary side or heat load transferred in exchanger and inlet/outlet temperatures of the mediums.

If the brazed plate heat exchanger is connected in the different way then suggested by the producer, will it work correctly?

It is crucial that the flow of streams inside the exchanger, is counterflow. Brazed plate heat exchanger should be installed vertically, according to the documentation.

The exchanger does not work. Why?

The most common reasons are usually: air lock in the system, too small device for given work parameters or lack of the filter at the entrance of the exchanger which results in fouling.

What data is needed for proper selection of heat exchanger?

In order to properly select the exchanger the following data is needed: heat load, type of media, inlet and outlet temperatures and max. allowable pressure drops.

Can the JAD heat exchanger work in horizontal position?

Horizontal possition is not recommended especially in systems where phase change occurs. Only in closed circuit with the full venting possibilityand no phase change the horizontal position is possible. Please, contact our Sales Dept. for more information.

Is it possible for JAD 3.18 or JAD 6.50 to work with steam?

JAD X type is dedicated for steam applications. Please, contact our Sales Dept. for more information.

Is it possible that steam is on the shell side in JAD heat exchanger?

It is recommended that steam is on the tube side. For other possibilities, please, contact our Sales Dept.

Why CAIRO software does not select an exchanger for me?

The most common mistake is incorrect selection of type of an exchanger from the list or entering the 0 kPa value as maximal pressure drop. Should there be any problems using our CAIRO software, please contact our Sales Dept.

What is the difference between JAD X and JAD X(K) heat exchangers?

A difference is in type of tubes. A tube bundle of JAD X is made up of smooth tubes unlike in JAD X (K) where it is made up of corrugated tubes.


How long does it take to deliver the ordered heat exchanger?

It usually takes 2-3 working days if the exchanger is in stock.

What time is the store open?

The store is open Mon. to Fri. 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

What is the delivery charge to a given destination?

The delivery charge depends on the weight and dimensions of the product as well as the destination. Pease, contact our Sales Dept. in this matter