Dry coolers


Dry coolers are designed to work in industrial cooling systems and air conditioning. Their role is to dissipate excess heat when its recovery is impossible or unprofitable.

Dry coolers may have a different design, but the principle of their operation is the same. The system liquid flowing through the dry cooler tubes is cooled by cold ambient air forced by the  fans through the exchanger fins. The adiabatic system allows the operation of the dry cooler even when the ambient temperature is higher than the temperature of the process medium. It increases the relative humidity of the air, thus lowering its temperature.

Dry coolers offer efficient cooling technology with lowest energy consumption.


What distinguishes the SECESPOL dry coolers?


Robust design

  • high durability of main components, such as heat exchanger, casing, fans and electronics   
  • baffle - tube stabilizing system for the increase in the service life of the device
  • casing made of thick carbon steel coated with zinc (Zintec), wet painted or powder coated



  • Low maintenance axial fans with highest efficiency
  • Low sound intensity of <40 dBa
  • 30% lower energy use
  • EC and AC motors
  • Compliant with the ERP 2015 directive


Adjusted to specific needs

  • Three colour versions to choose from
  • Extensive optional equipment, incl. adiabatic program system
  • Wide range of types and sizes
  • User-friendly selection software