EVO ceramic heat exchangers are designed for use in demanding operating conditions especially swimming pools and whirlpool baths with salt water. Ceramic composite used for tubes is one of the most resistant materials which makes it suitable for great number of chemicals, e.g. salt.  It can also be used in pool installations with conventional chlorine treatment. Construction together with high quality surface of composite materials ensure long-term durability, dependability and low fouling effect. The device provides high thermal performance and  stable operating parameters. The exchanger is dismountable which enables mechanical cleaning. Thanks to its construction and component materials the ceramic heat exchanger EVO offers the best solution for swimming pool installations with salt water on the market.

EVO EQ version is a fully equipped ceramic heat exchanger set with autonomous operation system. The set consists of an integrated circulation pump, controller and sensors of water temperature in the swimming pool. It is a reliable and convenient solution for swimming pool installations with salt water.



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