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Work parameters tubes seals Viton max. pressure/ max. temp. / min. temp. 10bar/140°C/-17°C
seals Silikon max. pressure/ max. temp. / min. temp. 10bar/121°C/-25°C
shell max. pressure/ max. temp. / min. temp. 16bar/203°C/-25°C
Tube diameter [mm] 8
Heat exchange area [m2] 6,1
Tube side capacity TYPE 1P [l] 11
TYPE 2P [l] 8,4
TYPE 4P [l] 8,4
Shell side capacity [l] 44
Weight [kg] TYPE 1P [kg] 155,4
TYPE 2P [kg] 151,4
TYPE 4P [kg] 151,4
Material group PRO
Type and material of connections TRI-CLAMP, SS
Connection size TYPE 1P   DN80, DN100
TYPE 2P   DN50, DN100
TYPE 4P   DN50, DN100
Dimensions A 282
B 1220
C TYPE 1P   2035
TYPE 2P   1570
TYPE 4P   1570
D 460
Dz 219,1
Pass types 1P, 2P, 4P
Orientation types H, V


H- horizontal

V - vertical

1P - one-pass

2P - two-pass

4P - four-pass

SS-stainless steel

PRO -  316L[17-12-2,5 (steel: 1.4404)]

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